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Workshop on human resources management in the public service

October 30, 2020 views 701


On October 29, the representatives of the Court of Accounts attended a workshop organized by the State Chancellery. The workshop on "Management and development of human resources in the public service of the Republic of Moldova" brought together civil servants responsible for human resources management within the central public administration authorities. Lilia Ivasco, Head of Human Resources and Documentation Division and Violeta Balan, Head of External Relations and Communication Section represented the Court of Accounts.

During the event, was presented the Annual Report on the civil service for 2019 and the results of the "Survey on measuring motivation in the public service" were discussed.

The survey on measuring motivation in the public service conducted in May-July 2020, provided information on the level of involvement and motivation of civil servants, as well as identified the causes of lack of motivation, a factor that affects professional performance. The results of the survey will serve as a basis for proposing a system for motivating civil servants, and such an exercise will be carried out every two years.

The workshop was organized with the support of the European Union project "Support in developing professional skills and motivating employees in public administration in the Republic of Moldova".