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Quality control, subject discussed with Swedish experts

April 05, 2019 views 775


In the framework of the cooperation Project of the Court of Accounts of the Republic of Moldova with the Swedish National Audit Office, the mission of the Swedish experts on the Quality Control / Quality Assurance component took place on 2-4 April.

The SNAO delegation was represented by Anita Nilsson, principal financial auditor, team leader and Amanda Weibull, financial auditor.

The aim of the mission was to provide support for self-assessment at institutional level of the quality control and quality assurance system. Thus, a series of workshops were organized with the CoA's employees, in which several aspects of ISSAI 40 "Quality Control for Supreme Audit Institutions" were discussed. The Standard aims to provide a framework for the Supreme Audit Institutions to establish and maintain a quality control and quality assurance system for all aspects of the institution's activity.

During the workshops, the employees of the institution, involved in different areas of the CoA's activity, with the support of experts, questioned the requirements of the standard while analyzing the quality assurance processes and procedures within the Court of Accounts. The purpose of the exercise was to facilitate the assessment of vulnerable process issues, to define activities aimed at fortifying the institutional quality assurance system.