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The Court of Accounts into dialogue with the representatives of the NGOs

November 22, 2019 views 1321


On the 22th of November this year, the Court of Accounts of the Republic of Moldova (CoARM) has organized a workshop with the representatives of the Non-governmental organizations such as Sergiu Harea, the President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Dumitru Budianschi from the Analitic Center “Expert-Group” and Diana Enachi from the Social Initiatives and Development Institute (SIDI) Viitorul.

The discussions were focused of the identification of the most significant topics regarding the planning of the audit activity of the Court of Accounts for 2020.

The Members of the CoARM that were present at the meeting have talked about the methods of planning the audit activity that are upgraded annually based on the strategic and specific objectives of the institution, in order to contribute efficiently to the realization of the mission of the Court of Accounts.

In this context, Tatiana Vozian, Head of the General Department of Methodology, Planning and Reports, has presented the strategic audit directions for 2020. Within her presentation, Mrs.Vozian has talked about the Audit Strategy for 2019-2021 (multiannual plan), the objectives of the public extern audit, as well as about the priorities, the resources of the CoARM and the selecting criteria of the audit activities.

During the workshop, those present have discussed about the potential topics that might be included in the Activity Program of the CoARM for 2020. Among the suggestions of the experts were: auditing the state enterprises, auditing the investments, including the foreign ones, auditing the post-privatization processes, auditing the tax and custom facilities. As well, the workshop focused on the importance of the Recommendations of the CoARM and the continuous professional training of the auditors.

The workshop was ended by Viorel Chetraru, the Vice-President of the CoARM, who highlighted the importance of the discussions that provide suggestions for the audit activity planning and manifested his appreciation for the openness of the representatives of the non-governmental organizations.