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Students of the AESM National College of Commerce visiting the Court of Accounts

June 08, 2018 views 3563

On June 8th, 2018 a group of students visited the Court of Accounts of the Republic of Moldova. Students of the second year of study, specialization "Accounting" that study at the National College of Commerce of the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova (AESM), were led by Natalia Rosca, professor of economic disciplines. The purpose of the visit was to inform and document pupils during the course of practical training.

The students visited the Court of Accounts for the first time, having the opportunity to communicate directly with the President of the Court of Accounts, Mr. Veaceslav Untila. The official told them about the mission, vision and values of the country's supreme audit institution. Mr. Untila informed that the purpose of the CoA is to become a performant Supreme Audit Institution that is indispensably accepted and required by all decision-makers at central and local levels as an expert and national assessor in the field of public finances and public assets management.

In this context, the students were made familiar with the activity of the Court of Accounts, the objectives and values of the CoA. They also had the opportunity to visit some subdivisions within the institution, such as the CoA Museum, the Human Resources and Secretariat Division, the External Relations and Communication Section, the Finance and Budget Service. The guests were informed about the history of the institution, the specifics of the audit missions, the international development partners, etc.

Similarly, the students of the AESM National College of Commerce visited the public sessions hall where they listened a short story on the procedure of the session’s course.

Mr. Petru Rotaru, a member of the CoA, communicated with the students of AESM's National College of Commerce, talking about the specifics of the public auditor function, responsibilities and attributions, the importance and the actuality of the "Accounting" specialization, which the students study and the possibilities of employment, etc.

At the end of the meeting, CoA representatives encouraged the students to well pass the examinations, particularly noticing the fact that the CoA provides employment opportunities for all those who have good knowledge, are energetic and are actively involved in improving the situation in the Republic of Moldova.