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Human Resources Management, discussed with SNAO experts

March 28, 2019 views 1009


In the context of the mission of SNAO expert at the Court of Accounts of the Republic of Moldova, in the period March 26-28, several workshops with the employees of the CoA were organized on the HR Management.

Within the cooperation of the CoA-SNAO Project is intended to develop and conduct a survey on measuring the level of professional satisfaction of the CoA’s employees. In this context, a working group of CoA’s employees, guided by SNAO experts, was set up and will be directly involved in the development of this survey. The workshops were organized in the form of presentations, interactive discussions, practical exercises, exchange of views, teamwork, etc.

Also, an information meeting of CoA’s members was organized within the SNAO mission on the preliminary results of the Swedish experts working with the working group in the context of the survey. The members of the group made a short presentation of the purpose, objectives and importance of this survey.

Swedish experts have stressed the need to ensure the impact of the survey by implementing actions to improve the institutional climate. Survey results will serve as the basis for a well-structured action plan with terms and staff responsible for implementation.