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Mission of the experts from the Netherlands Court of Audit

June 04, 2018 views 1757

In the period of 28-31 May 2018, the Court of Accounts of the Republic of Moldova hosted the mission of the experts from the Netherlands Court of Audit. The NCA’s delegation was represented by Mr. Jan van Dam, International Project Manager and Mrs. Jeannette Mak, auditor.

The mission took place in the context of bilateral cooperation activities, initiated in the autumn 2016. During 2017, the Dutch experts provided support for two performance pilot missions, the current mission being focused on initiating collaboration within two new performance pilot missions.

  1. scope of the mission is to train auditors within the pilot audit teams in selecting a subject of performance audit and preparing an audit plan (defining the audit objective, auditing approach, audit scope, audit risk, questions and audit sub-questions, audit criteria and methods of data collection and analysis).

During the visit, the Dutch experts had several meetings, including with the President of the CoA, Mr. Veaceslav Untila. The objectives of initiated mission, the expected results, the support provided in the field of performance audit were discussed.

The NCA’s delegation thanked the President of the CoA for the possibility of working with the audit teams, mentioned that highly appreciated the collaboration between the two SAIs, by sharing experience in the field of performance audit and, at the same time, by taking good practices from the CoA’s auditors.

At the meeting with Mrs. Tatiana Cunetchi, member of the CoA, the coordinator of the cooperation activities with NCA, the topic of two audit missions was discussed, the first being “Ecological status of the Dniester River”. Mrs. Cunetchi said that carrying out this audit mission is very relevant to society, because the Dniester River provides drinking water to 70% of the country's inhabitants. The topic of the second audit mission will be “What were the real progresses and what are the perspectives of processes automation in the field of education?”. At the same time, Mrs. Cunetchi informed that the audit teams, which will carry out these audit missions, have extensive experience in the field of performance audit, and the Dutch experts' assistance will provide added value to the activities to be undertaken.

The mission was organized in the form of working sessions/ trainings with two audit teams who were appointed for future pilot audits.

The next mission of the experts is planned in autumn 2018.