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Vice President

december 14, 2017 • views 1164


"We are fully responsible for what we are,

what we have, what we become and what we succeed in."

(Peter Arnold)


The Republic of Moldova is a young state in the process of transition and modernization. This transition from a poor to a developed and a truly European country requires a substantial effort that both state institutions and citizens have to make.

Moreover, any change must be carefully monitored so that the main beneficiary is the ordinary person, because particularly he or she represents the state.

The Court of Accounts is the institution that oversees any institutional activity to be effective and to bring added value to the state and its citizens.

The Supreme Audit Institution of the Republic of Moldova has the mission to provide solutions to overcome crisis situations and to eliminate gaps in the legislation that generates wastage of public money and goods.

Public services have been modernizing, depending on new technologies in the world. Thus, public authorities try to implement modern services, but often do not know how to. This usually leads to spending money and transforming an IT platform into a simple aspirator of financial resources. Our mission is to "patch the black holes" where people's money flows and ensure the integrity of the public property, being an area that lures many of those who aspire to get rich.

Author: Tamara ANDRUŞCA, Vice President of the Court of Accounts