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Personal data processing and protection in audit activity

January 22, 2020 views 1616


Today, on the 22nd of January, the employees of the Court of Accounts of the Republic of Moldova (CoARM) have attended a training session in the field of personal data handling and protection during the audit activity. The training session was organized with the help of the representatives of the Privacy Research Association.

Sergiu Bozianu, the President of the Association has spoken to the auditors about issues referred to the domain of personal data protection, undertaking the procedures and good practices of assuring the requirements in this field, as well as communicating about the concerns and problems that might appear when implementing the national Law nr.133 from 08.07.2011 concerning personal data protection.

During the seminar there were discussed several issues including:

  • the requests concerning the personal data protection with reference to the attributions of the Supreme Audit Institution;
  • the constitutive elements  of the personal data protection;
  • the guidelines regarding compliance and security that need to be assured;
  • the rights and obligations of the auditor during the audit missions, as well as of the subjects involved.

It should be mentioned that the training session was organized the context of the cooperation agreement between the Court of Accounts and the Privacy Research Association, signed on 18 of June in 2019. The cooperation agreement aims to improve the efficiency of the activity of the entities involved, as well as to generate a positive effect over the efficiency of the public services.