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The project of the report over the quality assurance system discussed with the SNAO experts

November 27, 2019 views 1133


A new mission within the Cooperation project between the Swedish Nation Audit Office (SNAO) and the Court of Accounts of the Republic of Moldova (CoARM) took place during 26-27 November 2019.

The SNAO experts – Anita Nilsson and Amanda Weibull and the employees of the Court of Accounts, members of working group responsible over analyzing the quality assurance system and drafting the report within the Court of Accounts, have discussed the document’s draft and the functioning gaps of the system.

The report is a product of the evaluation of the quality control system of the Court of Accounts. This activity is a part of the subproject of the “Quality assurance/quality control” element within the CoARM-SNAO project that is focused on drafting and implementing a quality control system within all the activities and processes in the CoARM. The purpose of the subproject is for the CoARM to obtain a quality control system completely documented and implemented.

During the working process there were examined all the 6 components of the quality control system within the Court of Accounts, according to the international standard ISSAI 140:

  1. The responsibilities of the management of the SAI over the quality
  2. The relevant ethic requirements
  3. The approval and continuity of the relations with clients
  4. Human resources
  5. Achieving the mission (the performance of the commitment)
  6. Monitoring

The self-assessment was based on the risks implied, the gaps in the system related to the quality risk of the audit – medium and high risk gaps and activities that exist already within the CoARM, but have a medium/high risk. The report includes the summary of certain positive issues and of those that can be improved, as well as specific recommendations. Once the report is drafted, an action plan meant to solve the identified problems will be formulated.