Social protection: needs and achievements



december 14, 2017 • views 774



"The happiest man is the one who makes

the greatest number of people happy."

Lev Tolstoy

The period of change is extremely difficult because the large expectations of society are often viewed with uncertainty, and the outcome of audit activity itself involves the change in processes not just within entities so that citizens' expectations turn into reality and the reality should ensure benefits to the entire society.

The activity of the General Department for Social Sector Audit (hereinafter GDSSA) is tangential to the most sensitive and of greatest interest social areas, which target the entire population and, in particular, the categories of disadvantaged people who need social protection, aid for cold period of year, medical care, careful attitude in asylums, children's homes, etc. Therefore, the activity of the Department responsible for auditing the Government Reports on the execution of the State Social Insurance Budget and the Mandatory Health Care Funds, the budget of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection, health projects, etc. is of major importance.

Starting from the above mentioned, I want to emphasize that the problems that persist in this sector are numerous and complex and the process of solving them requires much effort, willingness to change, opening of the audited entities to promote effective, economical and efficient management, as well as good co-operation with the Government and the Parliament.

The results of the audit missions reveal a number of deficiencies in the activity of the institutions, starting from a defective management of public money, caused by various internal factors, and finalizing with legislative imperfections.

Thus, the GDSSA’s employees make efforts, apply knowledge and skills to combat the phenomenon of illicit and/or non-compliant use of public financial resources, also being guided by basic pillars of performance audit: efficiency, economy and efficiency.

This is the goal we aim to achieve, working hard of it, and together with the team, having the necessary support from all subdivisions of the Court of Accounts, including the legal and methodological assistance, we will succeed, by ensuring the achievement of the established objectives, to change the state of affairs in our society.

Recently, the GDSSA's activity has been characterized by significant achievements and the implementation of the audit recommendations has had a positive impact on the overall area, ensuring the efficiency of use of the public money, and some effects will also be felt in the coming years.

Thus, the successes achieved would be: reforming the pension system, expanding the list of compensated medicines, increasing the age of children (from 0-5 years up to 0-18 years) benefiting from fully compensated drugs for treatment and prophylaxis, increasing the average reimbursement rate for antihypertensive drugs (on average from 50% to 70%), increasing the volume of funding for compensated medicines with 50% compared to the planned level of 2015 etc.

These achievements are far from those expected. In the future, we will have to make concrete efforts to ensure a more efficient management of public resources by conducting audit missions with substantial impact on the entire society.

We still have much to do and we are obliged to do it well, so that the expectations of those who watch us are fully met.


Author: Andrei Munteanu,

Member of the Court of Accounts