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Meeting of the Advisory Council of the Court of Accounts

May 20, 2019 views 1365


On May 20, the meeting of the Advisory Council of the Court of Accounts of the Republic of Moldova (CoA) was held.

Marian Lupu, the President of the Court of Accounts, welcomed the members of the Advisory Council at the beginning of the meeting, mentioning the importance of the scientific and methodological recommendations offered by its members, qualified specialists and scholars in the economic, financial, legal and audit fields.

The agenda of the meeting included several topics such as notification of the members of the Council on the organization of the certification process of the public auditors of the Court of Accounts, presentation of the Court of Accounts Activity Report for 2018 and information on the draft amendments to the legislation of the Republic of Moldova.

In this context, Petru Rotaru, Member of the CoA, made a presentation, referring to the certification process, which will include two stages: professional training and assessment and attestation of competencies. The purpose of certification of public auditors is to strengthen and evaluate professional skills to ensure that external public audit engagements are carried out in accordance with professional standards, applicable legal and regulatory requirements, said Petru Rotaru.

Tatiana Vozian, Interim Head of General Department, made a presentation of the Activity Report for 2018. In her speech, she spoke about the mission, vision and values of the Supreme Audit Institution of the country. She also referred to the strategic development of the CoA in 2018, which was aimed at strengthening the role of public external audit in the management of public funds and on achieving the goals of the three main pillars of the Strategic Development Plan for 2016 -2020.

The Court of Accounts undertook, in 2018, step-by-step measures to implement the activities in the context of the Moldova-EU Association Agreement at national level, concentrating its efforts mainly on the development of joint activities aimed at developing the internal managerial control system, exchange of experience in auditing the funds provided by the European Union, and promotion of ongoing dialogue with stakeholders involved in public finance management.

At the end of the meeting, Andrei Ţarălungă, principal consultant within the Legal Department, spoke about the draft package of amendments to the Moldovan legislation regarding public finance management and external public audit. The proposed amendments aim at establishing functional mechanisms of managerial accountability, good governance and strengthening the impact of external public audit.

The members of the Board discussed a number of topics such as the level of implementation of CoA’s recommendations by audited entities, annual audit work planning, etc.

We would like to mention that the Advisory Council of the Court of Accounts provides consultations on all subjects relevant to the fulfillment of the CoA’s role and mandate.