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The last call at Balti Auxiliary Boarding School

May 31, 2018 views 1486

On the occasion of the last call celebration, the Court of Accounts representatives visited the pupils of Balti Auxiliary Boarding School. 

The school administration and the teaching personnel were congratulated on the occasion of study year completion. The pupils received sincere wishes of health, successes, beautiful achievements, pleasant vacation and a strong return in autumn.

The children together with the teachers prepared an exhibition for parents and guests where their own hand-made items were presented.

There are 14 pupils, of whom 5 children are graduates at Balti Auxiliary Boarding School this year.

The representatives of the Court of Accounts, present at this event, addressed congratulatory messages to graduates and to all pupils, mentioning the role of their studies for a new beginning.

The pupils received sweets and other gifts that were procured from the financial contributions of the Court's personnel.

Over the years, the Court of Accounts has continuously supported the activity of this institution, contributing to the completion of its technical-material basis, the improvement of the study process and the living conditions of the children studying here.