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Statement of Mr. Marian Lupu, president of the Court of Accounts

  • 14.09.2023
  • 545

The statement of Mr. Marian Lupu, the president of the Court of Accounts regarding the new forgeries promoted in the public space by the former employee of the CoARM and her exponents.

With this statement, I want to draw the attention of the public opinion to the continuous and aggressive character of the dirty smear campaign, set up by Tatiana Vozian and supported by her lawyer and third parties.

In recent days, false information has been repeatedly spread in the public space, which has the obvious purpose of misleading public opinion and creating a distorted image of reality. In an attempt to give credibility to these forgeries, the former employee of the Court of Accounts and her lawyer came up with erroneous reports, which represent not only misinformation, but also an attempt to grossly manipulate public opinion.

This disgusting and poorly acted scenario once again shows the lack of any moral qualities on the part of those involved.

In order to defend my honor and dignity and to combat lies and disinformation, I announce that I will sue the promoters of these fakes and demand that they be held accountable for the lie promoted with bad will.

Marian LUPU,

President of the Court of Accounts

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