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The CoARM’s auditors at the meeting of the Group of Auditors of the Interreg Danube Transnational Program 2014-2020

  • 11.09.2023
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On September 7, the CoARM’s auditors attended the meeting of the Group of Auditors of the Interreg Danube Transnational Program 2014-2020. The event was hosted by the Audit Authority of Hungary, in Budapest, Hungary.

The fifth meeting of the Group of Auditors had the purpose of discussing the progress made within the Program and the actions leading to its completion. According to the representatives of the Program Audit Authority, the eligible period of the project is to be completed on December 31, 2023, therefore all expenses are to be incurred and paid by the beneficiaries of the Program by the end of the current year.

The role of the Group of auditors within the Court of Accounts is one of major importance in the context of offering, when necessary, support to the Audit Authority of Hungary, to verify the correctness of the management of the funds allocated by the European Union through the cross-border Programs at country level and to provide assurance that they are managed effectively.

Therefore, effective collaboration and communication between the Audit Authority and the National Auditor Groups is a crucial objective for maintaining control and adequate supervision of the European funds management tools aimed at ensuring sustainable development and promoting the interests of our country, thus supporting regional cooperation within the extended European neighborhood.

We note that the "Interreg Danube 2014-2020" Program represents a funding instrument for 14 states in the Danube region, aimed at ensuring the achievement of four priorities of the European Union within the region, such as: the development of innovation and social responsibility, the improvement of environmental factors and the development of cultural responsibility, the development of communications and energy responsibility, the strengthening of the institutional capacity of the states involved in the Program, including by providing technical assistance for the implementation of the Program.

The total value of the financial means allocated by the European Union for the implementation of the Program is approximately 221.92 million euros, which represents 85% of the total eligible costs of the Program, the rest of the expenses to be covered by the own contributions of the countries participating in the Program.

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